Maternity • Annie & Brian

May 23, 2009

Last weekend, I met Annie and Brian in Plymouth for their maternity pictures.  Annie is due in July and has the cutest bump!    Maternity pictures are so much fun to take and I feel even more drawn to them having just gone through it myself.  This is such a special and unique time in life, having maternity pictures to look back on, to remember the feelings you had on the verge of parenthood, is truly priceless.  I am really looking forward to seeing them again and meeting their little one at their newborn session!

Claire Ingley

Thanks, Annie and Brian, for sharing this special moment in time with us! They are touching photos and I’m sure little Cassie will enjoy seeing them too, some day, soon enough!

Very cute “bump” indeed! See you soon!

I LOVE them!! Thanks so much, Megan! We had so much fun with you! Can’t wait to see them all!! 🙂